Broadcast seeding is a method of seeding that involves spreading seed, by hand or mechanically, over a relatively large area. Broadcast seeding can be a cost-effective way to seed in areas where hydroseeding is not required and drill or brillion seeding is not possible. In these instances we at Jade Blade offer broadcast seeding as another way to ensure you’re ground is getting the coverage it needs.

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Commercial Hydroseeding
& Industrial Reclamation

When it comes to commercial and industrial projects, hydroseeding is an effective way to establish ground cover and prevent erosion. It can be a very cost effective alternative to sod and is a much more effective alternative to broadcast or brillion seeding.

Residential & Acreage Hydoseeding

No matter the size of project we have the equipment to handle it.  Call for your free quote today!

Erosion Control Solutions & Soil Amendments

Also referred to as Soil Stabilization, Erosion Control is any control method used to prevent loss of soil particles due to rain, wind or water flow. Our years of experience will help you find the solution you’re looking for.

Aaron and the team at Jade Blade were responsive to our needs and our client's needs, quick to provide various solutions for us to choose from, and completed all their work efficiently and on schedule. Aaron himself also visited the site after completion of the project to check for any issues and made sure to keep in great contact with us both during and after the project.
July 05, 2019
Jade Blade has been responsive and professional to deal with, and given us fair pricing on all our projects. We look forward to our continued relationship with them!
Jonny Turner
July 05, 2019
Appreciated Jade Blade's prompt service and Aaron took time to explain how to care for the seeded area and what to expect as far as growth.
Joni Carriere
July 05, 2019


The hydroseeding slurry contains a tackifier which, when mixed with the mulch, forms a barrier to keep everything in place. It will stabilize the seed to allow it to take in the moisture, fertilizer and amendments it needs to grow quickly. The mulch fibre helps to reduce erosion from wind and water. It also insulates the soil from temperature fluctuation, eventually breaking down and providing the soil with extra nutrients and organic matter to grow to its highest potential.

Hydroseeding is a quicker and easier alternative to traditional hand seeding methods. Grass seed stays in constant contact with the moisture in the mulch of the hydroseed slurry which helps speed up seed germination time. The mulch also creates a protective layer over the seed, creating a greenhouse effect, contributing to a higher percentage of seed being germinated. Leaving you with a thick, even lawn.

It’s important to give the seed the best foundation available. Remove existing grass and weeds where possible. If using top soil, make sure there is at least 4 inches of topsoil leveled and raked. Be sure the surface is free of any debris, large rocks, leaves and sticks.

A properly hydroseeded lawn should show results in as little as 10 days to 2 weeks, depending on watering and/or rainfall. The lawn should be ready for the first cut in 4 to 6 weeks. This is only a guideline and soil moisture and environmental conditions will dictate the actual length of grass establishment.

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